Thursday, October 16, 2014

Well, my picture of stent size got mutated...21/2 inches long  and about 3/4 inches wide in the middle...kind of a center offset half circle each...and 1/8th inch wide of hard plastic.

post surgery

Bill  is doing Wonderfully.  Surgery was an hour shorter than expected.  The doctors were impressed at how well it went.  They don"t know that they were fasted and prayed for along with Bill !  There has been NO bruising, bleeding, etc...  besides the expected nasal / throat issues.  Today he can feel the swelling inside has gone down.  It is hard to do nothing when there is no problem to see or feel !  He calls the neurosurgeon tomorrow to see if he goes back to work Monday...if he feels he should...When they took the stents out of his nostrils it was weird to see how big they were !---------------------------------------About this size..
                                                                              ---                                     - ---
                                                                                   ----              ------- --
When they took those out they also took out the stitches inside his nose.
     We are so thankful he did not have to have a lumbar drain at the base of his spine.  They did not nick the wrong things in there obviously !!                                                                                             

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pre Op

Tomorrow Dadu has four  appointments in the afternoon ...all pre-op stuff.  We are just trying to keep the anxiety levels down.  This evening he is getting another  Priesthood blessing.  This Thursday is coming least our temple re opens Tuesday !!  That will help !

Sunday, August 31, 2014

upcoming surgery

Okay..we finally have a surgery date..October 2 at 12:30 p.m.  Feel free to put Dadus'  name on temple prayer rolls every two weeks {how long they keep them on } and Dr. Uchiyama and Dr. they do a good job. !!    Keep them in your own prayers too...we sat through an appointment  session about everything that could go wrong...NOT PRETTY....Thanks !

Sunday, June 22, 2014

blood tests....

Dadu has to redo the two hour blood is for the human growth hormone.  His is too high, everything else the pituitary gland is in charge of [ about 7 major functions]are too low......if it is too high again the endocrinologist is going to talk surgery sooner than later....just so you know.  He is doing much better in the energy department with the frankincense oil at the pituitary points... aiming for twice daily...and the B12  subliminal dots...